Terms of Service

The following are terms of service for www.lenthem.com, the website of ZHUHAI HIGH-TECH ZONE LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. ("LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY "). Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms of service.

1.  Service Summary

This website provides users with network services. Mainly in the following aspects:

1From time to time to provide users with a variety of information about the LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY and  its products;

2From time to time to show LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY product promotion, discount, or other related business services information;

3Organizing related online and offline activities for the users;

4Providing other related services for the users.


2.  Copyright

This website and on all articles published on this site, photos, pictures, software, music, audio, video and all other copyrighted works (hereinafter referred to as "Content") are belong to LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY, the original author, or other right owners.

In addition to personal use for the purpose of printing, saving, etc., and other copyright laws approved circumstances, without the copyright owner (LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY, the original author, other right owners) prior permission, is prohibited reproduction, public communication, modify, delete, reproduction of all content on this site.


3.  Trademarks

Trademarks published on this website, logos, product names, belong to LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY or other right owners. In addition to the legal recognition of trademark law and other circumstances, without the permission of LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY or other right owners, is prohibited use of such trademarks, logos and product names.


4.  User information storage and restrictions

If users can not successfully remove or store information, this website assumes no responsibility. This site does not review the content posted by the user and is not responsible for the content. But has reserved the right to determine whether the users behavior is consistent with the sites terms of service requirements; if the user violates the terms of service, this site has the right to interrupt their provision of network services.


5. User management

When using the service provided by this website, all users must follow the laws, regulations, China relevant international conventions and the terms of service, and must follow the related international internet network protocol, regulations, procedures and practices.


6. Guarantee

Users agree to protect and safeguard the interests of all members of the site, is responsible for the legal fees due to the use beyond the scope of services, as well as compensation for the costs arising as a result of violation of terms of service.


7. Modify and limitation of liability

This site has the right to modify the terms of service when necessary without informing the users. If you do not agree to change the content, you can take the initiative to stop the use of network services. If you continue to have access to network services is deemed to accept the terms of service. The website reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the service without informing the users.


8. Termination of service

This website is committed to do its utmost to maintain the normal operation of this sitenetwork services, while retaining the right to interrupt one or more network services based on the actual situation. The website reserves the right to discontinue the service without charge to any person or third party. If you disagree with the modification, or dissatisfied with the services of this website, you can exercise the following rights:

(1) Stop using the services of this website

(2) Notify the site to stop the users of services


9. Law

This terms of service and the Peoples Republic of China legal explanation consistent. Users and this site agreed to accept the Peoples Republic of China legal jurisdiction. As this websites terms of service and the Peoples Republic of China laws conflict with, those provisions will be required by law to re-interpret. While other provisions are still maintained legal effect and impact on the user.


10. Solemnly declare

For product improvement, all the specifications, designs and color are subject to change without notice, please refer to the final product shall prevail. The final interpretation of the terms of service attributable to ZHUHAI HIGH-TECH ZONE LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.